car parking shades in Kenya

car parking shades in Kenya

car parking shades in Kenya

Get high quality car parking shades for sale in Kenya and across East Africa. Get a wide range of car parking shades at competitive prices.

Car parking shade, tents, canopies, carports, car garage, shade nets, car ports. heat proof and water proof. 20 years guarantee. don’t expose your car to heat, rain and harmful uv rays.

We all know what birds can do to our cars. They are free to poop everywhere, but we can choose whether they will poop on our cars or not. The choose is yours. Keep your car clean and smart with our quality smart car parking shades.They are durable and have 10 years of warranty,that is legally enforceable..The quoted price is per square metres of the area to be covered and is all inclusive.

Car Parking Shades for Sale in Kenya

Classic car parking shades with 12yrs warranty and 2yrs free maintenance. We offer free consultation and Technical drawings interpretations.The quoted price is per square metre of the area to be covered and is all inclusive of all costs of operations. Don’t pay anything until when materials have been dropped in your site.


car shades price Kenya

We supply and install waterproof car parking shades/ shade structures at an affordable price without compromising on quality,we charge a rate

We make quality car shades across the country, ranging from single car parking. variety of colours available.
100% water proof
100% sun proof

Modern Car Parking Shades in Kenya

Water, moisture and sun keep damaging your car. construct a modern car parking shade at a favorable price.

We offer the best solution for car parking shades. metal frame shade structures

With extreme hot climate in kenya you need to treat that car/vehicle of yours.
the rates are discounted and reasonable.
give us a call today.

Car Parking Shade Solutions In Kenya

This a bottom up canteliver design carport, that is elegant, strong to withstand harsh weather conditions. has got a warrant of 12yrs.

This is a 5.5mx5m car parking shade that’s water proof Rain forest green that blend well with your garden.
A good shade protect your car interiors and exterior from harmful sun solar.
Our prices are pocket friendly.

We make and supply quality car shade across the country.

Get this super cool car parking shade that offers protection to your car exterior and interior at the same time giving your compound an amazing look.


1 car parking shade

Dimension:3.5M by 5.5M
Total Area:19.25M²100% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 4,500.00
90% Waterproof Shadenet »Ksh 3,500.00

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